What is 98% Armwrestling?

What is 98% Armwrestling?

     The concept is simple. 2% are the top elite Armwrestlers, for example, your Levan's, Devon Larratt's John Brzenk's, Michael Todd's. The rest of us are the other 98%. Everyone is, was or will be in the 98% at some point in their Armwrestling career.

     Our goal here at 98% is to shine a light on the "Other 98%" of Armwrestlers. It's not the elite showing up to tournaments in hordes, it's the rest of us. It's the guys grinding to get stronger, better, faster. We're here to help anyone out there get some recognition in the Armwrestling community. If you want a challenge match, or want to be interviewed to tell your story, hop on our podcast, or our Friday night Zoom chats.

     All of the income from tournaments, large practices and apparel items goes directly back into the Armwrestling community. We use this money to do a free table give away to someone that doesn't have a table at every tournament, we give each competitor a competitor badge so that they feel like the athlete's that they are, we fly people in for supermatches, cover hotels, whenever we can help we do our best to make it happen.

     We have a great Facebook community, Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok channel, and we're hoping to expand our apparel line. Anyone purchasing our apparel is directly helping us to invest in the Armwrestling community. Your level of Armwrestling doesn't matter to us. We're here to grow the sport. We have some great alliances with Arm Assassin Strength Shop, Lethal Arms, CNY, Arm Assassin Promoting, Toproll King Productions and other prominent names in the sport.


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